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About Shabab Curry House

Our motto is only customer satisfaction. We have been blessed with customers and their happiness. To see a smile of satisfaction on their faces, we are ready to do anything. The quality found here is simply the top of the game and the amount of hospitality put into serving an order is unmatched. We treat customers the way one would treat their family members, such as the level of dedication we put in. If coming to us is a little of an issue to you, simply order from our restaurant app and we will get it delivered to you in no time. Download our app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, go to the menu section and put all that you want to have in the cart and confirm your order. Yeah, it is that simple and neat. Please consider us a visit at Motherwell ML1 4JS and get ready for an awesome experience with your friends and family.

Shabab Curry House Restaurant

We, Shabab Curry House is located at High 64 Jerviston St, Motherwell ML1 4JS. This pleasant location is a huge USP for us. Till date, the amount of fame that we have gained has a lot to do with this great location. We are just in the eye of the city and people find it quite hassle-free to locate us. This also helps us a lot in turn, because the location enables us to get your food delivered to you before the stipulated time. But, if you are new to the city and are unaware of this place, you still need not worry. Just trigger our app through your Smartphone and that would rightly navigate you to our restaurant. Our website is also there for you to access the exact point in GPS through the integrated map. Come to us not just for food, but also for carrying home a delightful experience back with you. Sincerely waiting for your arrival in our restaurant.
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